Our Story

After a few life changing events, the owners of Macaboo decided to risk it all and chase their dreams to open a bakery. They did not want to open just another ordinary bakery. It had to be something special. This was a passion project so they looked everywhere for inspiration.

At the time, Bella a stray cat that the owners rescued, was going through a lot of medical issues. She already had one of her eyes removed, but now all her teeth had to be removed as well. Despite all the set backs, Bella always had a strong will to live her life to the fullest.


One day as the owners were admiring Bella, they noticed her "kneading biscuits" into a blanket and that is when it clicked. Inspired by Bella's tenacity for living life to the fullest, her love of kneading biscuits, and the fact that the owners loved all things Halloween and magic, they decided that a black cat themed bakery would be perfect. Boo was then created as a mascot in the spirit of Bella and macaboo was Born.