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We begin by torching the shells until golden and smoky. Then, the shells are filled with our delicious, slightly salted, coverture milk chocolate ganache. Afterwards, a dollop of marshmallow fluff is piped into the center of the chocolate ganache. Finally, we top the macaron with a piece of lightly charred Hershey's chocolate to tie together the nostalgia of eating s'mores by a campfire.

Marshmallow. Chocolate. Graham crackers. Fire.

Salted Caramel Churro

To start off, we fill the shells with a ring of our delicious cinnamon white chocolate ganache. We then fill the center of the ring with golden, luscious, homemade salted caramel. Finally, we coat the shells in our perfect blend of cinnamon and sugar. A bite of this will transport you back to that day at the amusement park when you bit into a delicious fluffy churro.

Cinnamon. Salt. Caramel.

Key Lime Pie

This macaron is bursting with the citrus flavor of limes. First, we fill the shells with our tarty lime white chocolate ganache. We then we bake a whole key lime pie, which we blend up to use as the center filling. It may seem crazy, but it's also crazy delicious! This tangy flavor bomb is topped with a graham teddy bear to replace the notes of graham usually found in a key lime pie's graham crust.

Lime. Condensed Milk. Tart.

Strawberry Shortcake

Our take on the classic strawberry shortcake. We start by filling the shells with our tarty Valrhona strawberry ganache. To replace the delicious whipped cream found in a strawberry shortcake, we made a whipped strawberry milk pudding, which is piped into the center of the macaron. The macaron is then topped with our shortbread crumble made of freeze dried strawberries and delicious golden cookies.

Strawberry. Milk. Shortbread. Tangy. Creamy.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Creamy peanut butter and tangy tarty jam is an iconic flavor combination that makes for a delicious sandwich and dessert. We fill this macaron with a grape jam center, which is then surrounded by our peanut butter ganache. This delicious combination is then topped off with a decorative drizzle in the iconic purple and gold and crushed peanuts for extra flavor and texture.

Nutty. Tarty. Creamy. Jammy.


For the ones who love all things coffee, this flavor will not disappoint. First, we fill the center with our whipped mascarpone tiramisu custard, which is then surrounded by our espresso white chocolate ganache. Finally, we lather the macaron shells with our espresso syrup and dust it with a light coating of cacao powder to recreate the powdery layer of a classic tiramisu.

Espresso. Cacao. Mascarpone. Custard.

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